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Three ATM Care Tips

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Adding an ATM to your business can be an excellent way of increasing revenue to your store. This benefit can happen through both the fees charged by the ATM as well as giving customers the ability to easily get additional cash to spend money at your business. However, it is an unfortunate fact that some business owners are unaware of the steps that they should be taking to keep their ATMs in the best condition possible. To this end, you will want to be mindful of these three ATM care tips.

Clean The System

Over the course of time, it is possible for your ATM to accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt. When this happens, dust can clog the vents and fans as well as degrade the performance of the electronic components. Avoiding this type of damage will require you to regularly dust the exterior of the unit. Ideally, this should be done at least once a week. On a monthly basis, you will want to use a cleaning card. These cards are designed to be inserted into the card reader, and they will collect dust and dirt that may have gotten inside the reader.

Invest In Surge Protection Systems

In order to function, an ATM requires sophisticated electronic components that will allow it to communicate with the banking network. Unfortunately, it is possible for powerful electrical surges to cause extensive damage to these components. When this damage occurs, the internal components of the ATM may need to be replaced, which can represent a sizable expense and disruption. By installing a surge suppression system, you can greatly reduce this risk.

Protect Your ATM Against Moisture Damage

Moisture can be another serious threat for your ATM. If your ATM is located outside, you will want to invest in covers for the screen and keypad to prevent water from seeping into the system. It is also possible for moisture damage to occur due to condensation forming on the interior of these machines. Preventing this will require you to place humidity control pockets or a dehumidifier near the ATM. These two simple steps can greatly reduce the risk of you being forced to pay for expensive water damage repairs.

ATM sales in your business can be valuable additions to stores and other businesses. However, it can be easy for individuals to overlook the steps for caring for these devices. Appreciating the need to keep the exterior clean, protect the unit against electrical surges, and minimize its exposure to moisture will allow you to protect your ATM against some of the more routine issues that these devices may encounter.