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Steps To Take To Reduce Bail Costs

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If you are in a position where you need to pay bail costs, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the total amount owed. Here are some ways to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. 

Shop Around for the Best Bail Premiums

If you decide to go through a bail bond service to meet your bail, make sure that you are shopping around to find the best deal on your bail premiums. A typical charge runs from 8 to 10 percent, so you may want to try and find a premium on the lower end of that scale. Doing so will likely require you to have decent credit and good collateral. 

Put Forth Adequate Collateral

Another part of getting the best bail rates possible is putting the right collateral up for your bail. This may include housing, cars, and other high dollar items. In some cases, your collateral may be the good faith of one of your close relatives or friends; many bail bond companies offer surety bonds that allow another person to sign your bail bond contract (often on more agreeable terms). The best thing that you can do is consult several different bail bond service providers to see what kinds of rates they can offer you based on your collateral. 

Ask Your Judge About Reducing the Costs

Another thing that you can do to potentially lower the bail costs is ask your judge about reducing the penalty. While the judge probably follows a set bail schedule to determine the average amount for each crime, you may be able to reduce the amount under some circumstances. For instance, if you show that you have legitimately tried to meet bail through various financial sources and can't actually meet the payment, they may reduce it on account of hardship. 

Another valid reason for reducing the bail amount is if you show that you are entrenched in your community and are not likely to leave the jurisdiction, In that case, you will require less "collateral" in the form of bail payments to ensure that you will stay around for the remainder of the trial. Going through a judge to reduce your bail will likely involve a second hearing that will take up your time and the court's time, so be sure to consult with various sources to see if there are any other ways to meet bail before going this route. 

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