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Penny Wise: The Case For Installing Dollar And Change Dispensing ATMs

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Getting an ATM for your business is a good investment. Not only will you be able to skip using your credit card or debit card processing machines for a fee, you will be able to earn cash on hand for the day. Many businesses will have ATMs stationed on the interior or immediate exterior of their store. If you want to make your ATM and your store a little more popular than the rest, you should consider installing an ATM that dispenses $1s, $5s, and even change. Here are three reasons why an ATM like this is good for business. 

Those with only exact change will come to you

If a customer has an ATM card that is often not accepted by debit card machines due to not having a major credit card logo, they will have to withdraw money in order to make a purchase. If the customer wants to purchase an item that costs $25 but the ATM only gives out $20 dollar bills, a person with low income may not have this amount to withdraw to purchase an item. With an ATM that offers exact change, the customer can easily come and make a withdrawal without feeling as if they have to have too much extra cash available. If your store makes it easy to withdraw and pay in exact change, customers may choose you. 

Word will spread in the community

While running into several ATMs on a single block is no big deal, coming across a machine that will provide dollars and change is highly unusual. For this single reason, your store will get a lot of word of mouth and a lot of foot traffic because of it. A small sign in the door will also attract those who may otherwise just walk by. A low dollar-dispensing ATM is a permanent form of advertising. 

You can easily add further services

If you run a corner store that offers a number of different retail sales, you may be able to set your business up to offer money sending services and money orders. Since your customers can get exact dollar change from the ATM in order to take care of these services, they may see your store as the better deal. This can lead to greater income for simple tasks through your shop. If you are looking for ways to increase your store income and gain bigger profit margins, operating these services may take just a little bit of training but bring in another segment of customers.  

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