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7 Ways To Raise Some Quick Cash Before Payday

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If you need to raise some quick cash to get you through to your next paycheck, then you have many options, including:

1. Return Unused Past Purchase Items 

If you have purchased any items in the last month that have not yet been used, then return the items to the store for a refund. If you no longer have receipts for the purchases, then you can sell the items online or to a pawn shop.

2. Sell Unwanted Clothing and Children's Items

Most Americans have way too many clothes in their closets. To raise some fast money, you can sell your extra clothing and gently used children's items to a consignment store. Most consignment stores will offer you cash up front for items, or more money later when the items sell. 

3. Recycle Metals, Plastic, and Glass

While you may have already thought about recycling all of those bottles and cans taking up valuable space in your garage, you may not have considered other items that can also be recycled, including:

  • broken metal tools
  • old window glass
  • metal car parts

Additionally, old plumbing pipes and fixtures are also recyclable. If they are copper, then they will command the highest price.

4. Cash In a Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole life, or universal life, insurance policies have a cash value. By contacting the life insurance company, you can cash in the policy for some emergency money. This type of life insurance is very expensive anyway, so cash in the policy and then change to term insurance later when you can afford the payments.

5. Sell Your Book Collection

Used bookstores are always looking to increase their inventory of books. Dust off that pile of books on your shelf that you never read and sell them at a used bookstore. You can also sell DVDs and music CDs at most used bookstores.

6. Play Music on a Street Corner

While panhandling is often illegal, most towns and cities will allow you to sit and play some music for people who pass by. If you take song requests you can increase the amount of money that people will donate to listen to you play.

7. Get a Paycheck Advance

Finally, if none of the other options will work for your situation, then you can always take out a cash advance on your next paycheck. If your employer does not offer this courtesy, then you can go to a local cash advance business for a small loan. More information about paycheck advances can be found here.